2002-2003 SEASON

Jeremy Bell, Artistic Director

Maryem Tollar Group | Sep. 13, 2002

Strip Show | Nov. 29, 2002  |  Humanities Theatre, Hagey Hall, University of Waterloo

Strip Show is a portrayal of human nakedness in highly contrasting situations, both humanising and dehumanising. Stip Show uncovers scenes throughout history, confronting our shame, healing our wounds, and celebrating the human form. Some scenes contain images of nakedness and sexuality.

Dance theatre, David Earle
Julie Baumgartel, violin
Jeremy Bell, RAAD violin, viola
Noel Webb, percussion
Paul Camrass, bass
Omar Daniel, electronics
Patricia O’Callaghan, mezzo-soprano
Lori Gemmell, harp
Amy Hamilton, flute
Cynthia Hiebert, harpsichord
John Marshman, cello
Erika Raum, violin 

Bellow and Brass …and Boyd! | Jan 25, 2003  |  Registry Theatre

Bellows and Brass is a trio comprised of three of Canada’s most successful soloists. A powerful and engaging ensemble, Bellows and Brass have consistently drawn full houses and strong audience response in their presentations. They are joined by legendary composer-pianist Boyd McDonald, Waterloo’s international treasure.

Guy Few, trumpet
Joseph Petric, accordion
Boyd McDonald, piano
Alain Trudel, trombone, piano

Bartulis Fest | Mar. 8-9, 2003  |  Maureen Forrester Recital Hall, St. George the Martyr Church (Toronto)

Vidmantas Bartulis visits us from Lithuania where he earned the Lithuanian National Prize in 1998. Bartulis is the author of chamber and symphonic, thatre and cineman, electronic and multi-media music performed throughout Europe. His music is introspective, contemplative, elegaic, humourous and imbued with poetry.

Anya Alexeyev, piano
Beth Ann deSousa, piano
George Greer, double bass
Kim Enns Hildebrand, soprano
Sasha Johnson, tuba
Jerzy Kaplanek, violin
Richard Moore, percussion
Christine Vlajk, viola
Laurier Chamber Orchestra

Bartulis Fest (Second concert – free!) | Mar. 11, 2003

Rubric Cube | May 8, 2003  |  King Street Theatre (Kitchener)

Which side of the cube do you prefer? Shift your perspective when all six sides of this show rotate through visual and musical rubrics. Gosfield’s bombastic Flying Sparks set to video by Stefan RoseSwitch. Electronic amplified writing in the Zeppelin of LoveTwist. Bharata-Natyam dance and SylpheTurn. Jane’s poetry and Tony’s visuals enmeshed with the band. Align. Glass gongs, cymbalom and Delisle’s acrylics. Connect. Sancesse film and McKittrick’s score. Dizzy?

Penderecki String Quartet
Parmela Atariwala, violinist
Stephen Eelhart, percussion
Ed Hanley,
David Kristian, synthesizer
Gitanjali Kolanade, Bharata-natyam dancer
Richard Moore, percussion
Rick Sacks, percussion
Jessie Stewart, percussion

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