1996-1997 SEASON

Peter Hatch, Artistic Director

Earth, fire, water, and air  |  Oct 18, 1996  |  Seagram Museum, Waterloo

Featuring the works of John Luther Adams and Barbara Croall

Kaleidoscope: Images of Passion and Reflection  |  Nov 16, 1996  | St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, Kitchener

Featuring the works of Arvo Part, Robert Aitken, Boyd McDonald, Milton Barnes, Vinko Globokar, Michael Baker and Henryk Gorecki

Performed by Peter Nikiforuk, Marc Sabat, AnneMarie Donovan and the winners of the Numus Interpreters Competition 1st Prize WINNER

Moments of Beauty  |  Feb 7, 1997  |  The Button Factory, Waterloo

Featuring works by John Rea, Melissa Hui, Georges Aperghis, Micheline Coulombe StMarcoux, Peter Hatch and Morton Feldman.

Musique Sans Frontieres  |  March 14, 1997  |  Maureen Forrester Recital Hall

Featuring the Penderecki String Quartet with Rachel Gauk, guitar

Works by Gyorgy Kurtag, Omar Daniel, Arvo Part, Toshio Hosokawa and Aleksander Lason

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