2003-2004 SEASON

2003-2004 SEASON

Jeremy Bell, Artistic Director

Piancentini e Scandaletti: Italian Contemporary Music Festival | Sep. 23, 25 & 28, 2003

featuring pianist Riccardo Piancentini & soprano Tiziana Scandaletti
with Amy Hamilton, flute; Mark Thompson, clarinet; David Campion, percussion; Lori Gemmel, harp;
Terry McKenna, guitar; Evan Mitchell, conductor; The Penderecki String Quartet
performing contemporary Italian music by Riccardo PiancentiniAzio Corghi RicordandoAlessandro Solbiati, Giancinto ScelsiGiacomo Manzoni & Fabio Vacchi

Aunt Isobel: Lost & Found | Jan. 17, 2004

interactive, multimedia children’s show created by Nick Storring
co-production with Roundabout Theatre
performed by Nick Storring, cello/electronics; Emily Myhr, soprano/narrator; Brandon Valdivia, percussion

Zapparadox | Feb. 20-22, 2004

a tribute to Frank Zappa
featuring music by Frank Zappa, Aiden Baker Zappa, John Oswald, Jascha Narveson & Peter Eötvös
performed by Aiden Baker, electronics/guitar/vocals; Alan Bloor, metal works/electronics;
Richard Moore, drumkit/percussion; Deeno, turntables;  The Penderecki String Quartet

Spirit of Understanding | Mar. 19, 2004

a concert to mark Aboriginal Awareness Day
collaboration with SUNDANCe (Shared Universities Native Development and Navigation Committee)
featuring TruRez Crew, rap group; Kevin Saltarelli, keyboards; Clifford Larry, guitar; Kyle Brenders, saxophone;
Brandon Valdivia, percussion; Nick Storring, cello; Inuit Throat Singers, Barbara Croall, traditional flutes;
Heather Dawn Taves, keyboards/vocals/video
preceded by readings by local Aboriginal authors, traditional drum and dance & visual art exhibition

The Easter Re-Muse | Apr. 10, 2004

featuring commissioned works by Marci RabeJames RolfeJonathan Harvey & Omar Daniel
performed by Laura Pudwell, mezzo-soprano; Jim Mason, oboe; Julie Baumgartel, violin; Patrick Jordan, viola; Margaret Gay, cello; Lori Gemmel, harp; Omar Daniel, electronics

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