2000-2001 SEASON

Jeremy Bell, Artistic Director

Broken Songs | Sep. 29-30, 2000  |  Science Building Courtyard (Wilfrid Laurier University), River Run Centre, Guelph

This band from Winnipeg features writer/vocalist Margaret Sweatman and composer Glenn Buhr performing words and music from all the many corners of radical and popular culture.

“This could as easily be reviewed under the jazz heading as the classical, or under no heading at all … ambitious and imaginative…” – Winnipeg Free Press

Broken Songs is:
Margaret Sweatman, host & vocal recitation
Glenn Buhr, music director & keyboards
Lori Freedman, clarinets
Gilles Fournier, bass
Daniel Roy, drums

Bradyworks| Nov. 10, Nov. 12, 2000  |  The Button Factory (Waterloo), River Run Centre (Guelph)

Under the direction of composer and guitarist Tim Brady, Bradyworks takes an eclectic approach to new music, combining elements of chamber music, jazz, minimalism and electroacoustics into an original vision of contemporary musical performance.

“Brady is putting out so much music, so much of it good, that you’re bound to run into his name. Get used to it.” – The Village Voice

Bradyworks is:
AnneMarie Donovan, mezzo soprano
Tim Brady, electric guitar
André Leroux, saxophone
Lisa Godwin, piano
Isabelle Bozzini, cello
D’Arcy Grady, percussion
Morris Apelbaum, sound 

The Sacred and the Profane | Feb 2, 2001  |  Registry Theatre

Dance and music merge as we welcome the acclaimed dance company, David Earle Dance Theatre, to interpret works spanning four centuries and three continents.

“In our experience people are often moved by powerful music and highly evolved physical theatre. We are consciously attempting to engage the deepest feelings in our audience.” – David Earle

Penderecki String Quartet
TACTUS vocal ensemble
Willem Moolenbeek, saxophone
Dance Theatre David Earle

Strange Dreams | Mar. 21, 2001  |  Registry Theatre

NUMUS and the Canadian Chamber Ensemble join forces to travel songlines etherial, including a much anticipated new work by Canadian composer Omar Daniel and Galina Ustvolskaya’s intensely woven Prayer, Symphony No. 4.

Canadian Chamber Ensemble
AnneMarie Donovan, mezzo soprano

Moments | May 5, 2001  |  Registry Theatre

Take the time to experience each moment, as NUMUS revisits three wonderful works by three of Quebec’s most unique composers. This celebration takes place in the heart of the Open Ears Festival of Music and Sound. Lots more on Open Ears will be announced soon!

Jane Archilbald, soprano
Kimberley EnnsHildebrand, soprano
MIRROR IMAGE vocal ensemble
Liselyn Adams, flute
Christine Vlajk, viola
Paul Pulford & Cathy Anderson, cellos

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