1987-1988 SEASON

Peter Hatch, Artistic Director

The Cartier String Quartet | Sep. 25, 1987

Featuring works by Clermont Pepin, Peter Hatch, Robert Pritchard & Paul McIntyre

New Music for Old Instruments | Nov. 6, 1987

Featuring works by Linda Catlin-Smith, Murray Adaskin, Claude Vivier, Michael Purves-Smith & Harry Somers
performed by The NUMUS Concerts Ensemble

Kristi Allik & Robert Mulder | Dec. 11, 1987

A multimedia concert

In Illo Tempore | Jan. 29, 1988

Featuring works by Luciano Berio, Glenn Buhr, Peter Hannan & Peter Maxwell Davies
Performed by The NUMUS Concerts Ensemble

Percussion! | Mar. 18, 1988

Featuring works by Jean Piche, Parul Smadbeck, Boyd McDonald, Carol Weaver, Bob Becker & Frank Zappa
Performed by The NUMUS Concerts Ensemble

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