1988-1989 SEASON

1988-1989 SEASON

Peter Hatch, Artistic Director

Third Stream Jazz | Sep. 23, 1988

featuring music by Anthony Braxton, Glenn Buhr, Frank Zappa, Peter Hatch & Frederic Rzewski
performed by The NUMUS Concerts Ensemble

New Art Quartet: Four & More | Dec. 9, 1988

featuring music by Peter Hatch, William Penn, John Cage, Allan Bell & Steve Reich
recorded for broadcast by CBC Radio

Acoustic/Electroacoustic | Jan. 20, 1989

featuring music by Timothy Sullivan, William Peltier, David Keane, Barry Traux and Bruno Degazio
performed by The NUMUS Concerts Ensemble

Virtuosolo | Jan. 29, 1988

featuring Carol Bauman, Tilly Prudom & Boyd McDonald
with music by Iannis Xenakis, Glenn Buhr, Alexina Louie & Frederic Rzewski

The Fifth Stream Festival/Conference of Canadian New Music | May 4-7, 1989

featuring works by Peter Hannan, Carol Weaver, Glenn Buhr, Stephen Chatman, Denis Gougeon, Peter Koprowski, David Mott, Peter Hatch, Jon Siddall, Lubomyr Melnyk, Gordon Monohan, Jean Derome/Rene Lussier, Jean Piche, John Hawkins, Murray Schafer, Claude Schryer, John Celona, Steve Tittle, Gilles Gobeil, Henry Kucharzyk & John Oliver
performed by The NUMUS Concerts Ensemble, The Canadian Chamber Ensemble, Derome & Lussier, Lubomyr Melnyk, Gordon Monohan, David Mott, Beverley Johnston, Henry Kucharzyk & Sergio Baroso
with papers by Peter Hatch, Glenn Buhr, John Rea, Jean Piche, John Hawkins, Henry Kucharzyk, Owen Underhill, David Mott, David Jaeger, Claude Schryer, Nicholas Kompridis, David Elliott & William Benjamin

a joint presentation of NUMUS, The Institute for Canadian Music, The Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony, CBC Radio, The Canadian League of Composers & Wilfrid Laurier University

New Art Quartet (Music Gallery, Toronto) | Jun. 17, 1989

featuring music by Peter Hatch, William Penn, John Cage, Allan Bell & Steve Reich

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