1986-1987 SEASON

Peter Hatch, Artistic Director

An Evening of John Cage | Oct. 17, 1986

Featuring works by John Cage

Performed by Iraina Neufeld and Terry Kroetsch

An Evening of Multimedia | Nov. 28, 1986

Featuring works by David Keane

Joseph Petric, Accordionist | Jan. 16, 1987

Featuring works by David Jaeger, Christos Hatzis, Padros, Bentzon, Daigneault, Romiti

A Concert of Chamber & Electroacoustic Music | Feb. 27, 1987

Featuring works by Glenn Buhr, Gary Gini, Barrie Cabena, Sheila Forrester, Boyd MacDonald & Louis Andriessen
performed by The NUMUS Concerts Ensemble

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