2007-2008 SEASON

2007-2008 SEASON

Jesse Stewart, Artistic Director

Eddie Prevost Meets CCMC  | Oct. 27, 2007

featuring Eddie Prevost, percussion
and free improvisation ensemble CCMC:
Michael Snow, piano; John Oswald, saxophone; Paul Dutton, sound singer/poet

In Memoriam: James Tenney | Nov. 23-24, 2007

the music of James Tenney
performed by The Toronto Percussion EnsembleMalcolm Goldstein, violin; Casey Sokoi, piano; Eve Egoyan, piano
part of the Alliance for Canadian New Music Projects Contemporary Showcase Festival

Good Vibrations: Dorit Chrysler Solo Theremin | Jan. 27, 2008

featuring Dorit Chrysler, theremin
preceded by a screening of the documentary Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey

Revolutions: Turning the Tables on DJ Culture:
Montreal Mash-up: Martin Tetreault, Lori Freedman & René Lussier 
| Mar. 13, 2008

featuring Martin Tetreault, turntables; Lori Freedman, bass clarinet; René Lussier, guitar

Revolutions: Turning the Tables on DJ Culture:
(Un)settling the Score: DJ Olive & Friends 
| Mar. 14, 2008

featuring DJ Olive (Gregor Asch), turntables

Revolutions: Turning the Tables on DJ Culture:
Subliminal Strings: DJ Spooky meets the Penderecki String Quartet 
| Mar. 15, 2008

featuring DJ Spookey That Subliminal Kid (Paul D. Miller)
with The Penderecki String Quartet

Reaching for Nothing: Water’s Thirst | May 1-2, 2008

music by Peter Hatch
multimedia production by Dereck Revington, visual design; David Earle, choreographer; Laird Macdonald, lighting/technical/associate set design; John D.S. Adams, sound design
performed by Anne-Marie Donovan, mezzo-soprano; David Rose, viola; Paul Pulford, cello; Lorna Heidt, cello; John Brownell, percussion
with dancers Suzette Sherman & Michael English

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