1992-1993 SEASON

1992-1993 SEASON

Peter Hatch, Artistic Director

Upstream    |  Oct 9, 1992

Aird Recital Hall

works by Paul Cram, Bauman, Reilly, Steve Tittle, Naylor, Moore, Palmer,

Penderecki String Quartet   |  Nov 6, 1992

Aird Recital Hall

works by Marjan Mozetich, Mauricio Kagel, Lason, Krystof Penderecki, Randolph Peters with guest Joseph Macerollo

Evergreen Club    |  Feb 7, 1993

Aird Recital Hall

works by Larry Lake, Paul Intson, Mark Duggan, John Cage, Evan Ziporyn, Alain Thibeault

Anthony De Mare    |  March 5, 1993

Aird Recital Hall

works by John Zorn, Ann Southam, John Rea, Conlon Nancarrow, Linda Catlin-Smith, Frederic Rzew

Recorded for broadcast by CBC Radio

Stimmung     |  March 26, 1993

St. Matthews Church, Kitchener

by Karlheinz Stockhausen

Performed by Mirror Image

The Art Thing  |  June 18, 1993

Victoria Park Pavilion

multi-media event featuring local performers

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