2014-2015 Season

Kathryn Ladano, Artistic Director

The Main Series:

Canadian Landscapes | Oct. 31, 2014

performed by Ensemble Resonance

Igorhythms  | Nov. 28, 2014

featuring The Lafayette String Quartet, The Penderecki
String Quartet, The Perimeter Chamber Players, Guy
Few, and Jascha Narveson

The Broken Songs Trio | Jan. 30, 2015

performed by Glenn Buhr, Margaret Sweatman,
Beverley Johnston

Measures and Frames | Mar. 20, 2015

performed by The Penderecki String Quartet, with
Kimberly Barber (soprano)

Torq & Two Piano Sextet | Mar. 27, 2015

performed by Torq Percussion Quartet, Gregory Oh,
and Wesley Shen (piano)

Sounds From Space | May. 1, 2015

performed by Jesse Stewart

The Mix Series:

Thin Edge/ Brenders Quartet | Sep. 20, 2014

performed by Thin Edge New Music Collective and
the Kyle Brenders Quartet

Thin Edge/ Nick Storring | Nov. 8, 2014

performed by Thin Edge New Music Collective and Nick Storring

Manatee | Jan. 16, 2015

featuring various original works by Manatee

Cameron/Ladano/Sorbara | Feb. 20, 2015

performed by Allison Cameron, Kathryn Ladano, and
Joe Sorbara

Vignettes-A-Go-Go | Apr. 17, 2015

performed by Colin Labadie and Adam Tindale

Special Events:

Spring Fundraiser | May 3, 2015

Featuring Manatee, The Button Factory Band
hosted by CKWR’s Randy Johnston.

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