Have you ever wanted to be an Artistic Director? Do you have great ideas for concert performances that you’d like to curate? NUMUS is seeking submissions to its second annual Emerging Curator Competition, open to all young artists, up to a maximum age of 29. The winner will curate a concert in NUMUS’ MIX Music Series in the 2016-2017 concert season, to be presented on Thursday, April 27, 2017 at The Block 3 Brewery in St. Jacobs. Winners will receive a curatorial fee (up to $1,000*) and financial support from NUMUS (up to a maximum of $1,500*) to cover programming costs such as artist fees, tech fees, and equipment rentals if applicable. Winners will also receive advertising and marketing support from NUMUS and mentorship from NUMUS’ artistic director.

NUMUS’ mandate and artistic vision is to foster and encourage new music and contemporary art forms, continually exploring new boundaries and facilitating new artistic ventures. We program, support, and promote composers, musicians, artists and communities, with a focus on Canadian and local new music. NUMUS actively advocates for and engages in community involvement, including partnerships with other arts organizations, local businesses, and educational facilities. We engage in many outreach activities, which connect our organization to younger members of our community.


* Numus is currently waiting for the results of outstanding grant applications, which will determine the full extent of financial support that will be offered.



  • Consult the competition regulations to be sure you qualify.
  • Complete the attached application form and submit a concept for your concert. You may use any format you wish to convey your ideas, but your proposal must include both a project description of your proposed concert and two separate budgets outlining all costs.
  • Project Description: Describe your proposed concert to the judges as best as you can. Talk about what your artistic vision is, why it’s a good fit for NUMUS, and any ideas you have in terms of logistics. Please include approximate timings and be mindful of the Block 3 space being a relatively small, open concept, non-traditional performance venue. The judges will be looking for projects that are creative, but also well thought out and realistic in terms of budget, timelines, and venue. Describe your inspiration for this project, any themes you may be incorporating, and why you feel that NUMUS should present it. Be sure to also tell us a bit about the artists you plan to use and why you chose them. Be concise and please limit your project description to 1,000 words.
  • Budget: Because funding for this project is not yet confirmed, you will need to create TWO basic budgets for your project, outlining any expected costs (such as artist fees and tech or equipment rentals if required). Use any format you like for this. One budget will include a $500 contribution from NUMUS, and the other will include a $1,500 contribution from NUMUS. In your budgets, you will need to indicate these amounts as revenue for your project and outline exactly how this money would be spent. The judges will be looking for projects with realistic costs that stay within their budgets. We are also mindful of the fact that your performers may be predominantly students.
  • Completed application packages may be submitted in the following ways:
    • Email all required documents to:
    • Mail your documents to: NUMUS at Box 38040, 256 King St. N. Waterloo, ON N2J 4T9
    • Hand deliver your application to NUMUS’ Artistic Director, Kathryn Ladano
  • Be sure that your proposed project matches NUMUS’ artistic vision and mandate (please refer to our mandate on the first page of this application)
  • Please note that assessment of all entries will be blind. Provide your name and personal information only on the application form. Do not include your name or any information that could indicate your identity in your project description/budget. Note that NUMUS’ Artistic Director, Kathryn Ladano, will not be a judge for this process, so you may still submit your entries directly to her or through NUMUS’ mail and email. She will ensure your identity is protected not given to the judges.
  • Submit your application by or before Friday, December 9, 2016


The 2016-2017 Emerging Curator panel of judges:

Pam Patel (Artistic Director of MT Space, president of NUMUS)

Isabella Stefanescu (Artistic Director of Inter Arts Matrix)

Jeremy Bell (Former Artistic Director of NUMUS)

Richard Burrows (President of Open Ears Festival, curator of many Open Ears events)

Maria Kouznetsova (1st runner up, 2015-2016 NUMUS Emerging Curator Contest)


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